Wednesday, March 28 | Day 1

6:30 pm  Screening Session A

  • Knagglig by Amelie Schlögelhofer
  • WANNABE by Jannis Lenz
  • Afterwork by Tomas Sinkevičius and Viltė Bražiūnaitė

Q&A with Filmmakers

7:30 pm  Screening Session B

  • Beatriz’s House by Suzanne Andrews Correa
  • Viva Coco! by Rocío Olivares
  • Lethe by Dea Kulumbegashvili

Q&A with Filmmakers

8:30 pm


Special Screening of MATHIAS by
Filmmaker in Residence Clara Stern followed by a Q&A

9:30 pm

Reception at the “Filmmakers Lounge” with guests, filmmakers & audience (11th floor)

Thursday, March 29 | Day 2

6:30 pm  Screening Session C

  • FUCKING DRAMA by Michael Podogil
  • Confluence I by Jonah King
  • SAMOSA by Albin Wildner

Q&A with Filmmakers

8:00 pm   Screening Session D

  • Tripoli, Lebanon by Julia Schmidt
  • British by the Grace of God by Sean Dunn
  • Fishy by Joe Sulsenti

Q&A with Filmmakers

9:00 pm  Panel Discussion

Women in the Film Industry – Europe and Hollywood
with Barbara Albert, Marcia Nasatir, Anne Goursaud – moderated by Stephanie Falkeis

9:30 pm  Reception

Reception at the “Filmmakers Lounge” (11th floor)

Friday, March 30 | Day 3


Presentation of Feature Documentary “A CLASSY BROAD” about the life
of Marcia Nasatir (dir. Anne Goursaud)

Q&A with Filmmakers and Audience

8:30 pm  Award Ceremony

Prizes for best Narrative and Experimental Films are Awarded by the Jury
Inauguration of the “Inspiring Women Filmmaker / Female Story” Award